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Fanfic tinkering...

I'm working on a "Matrix" filk (ie. a popular song with the words twiddled with so it fits into a particular sci-fi fandom) based off "You've Got a Friend" by James Taylor (Okay, not the most Matrix-y song, but I was riffing from something a crazy friend of mine sang in the car when we were driving to see "Revolutions". And I'm kinda stuck on how to fix the line in the chorus:

"Winter, spring, summer or fall..."

After all... the only season in the real world is something akin to nuclear winter.

And I'm tinkering with another fic idea:

"The Secret Diary of the Keymaker" or "Any Enemy of the Frenchman is a Friend of Mine" -- I've noticed in a couple of shots in "Reloaded" that the Keymaker appears to have a small notepad in a pocket of his work apron... so I wondered what might be on that notepad... Maybe notations about what happened to him, how he got captured by the Frenchman, how long he was stuck in that cell, any unsuccessful rescues/escapes....

I'll see what I can do with this one once I finish "A Little Child Shall Lead Him".
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