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"Under the Gun" -- Now Complete!!!

I just posted the last chapter of "Under the Gun", which can be viewed here:

Under the Gun: Chapter Nine

I had this written out for a while, but I finally typed it up today (I had every intention of posting this one last week, but I got busy getting ready for WorldCon, the sci-fi convention which was hosted in Boston, MA (not far from where I live) this year: I went in costume as Trinity (it was a homemade costume I rigged up with my typical black imitation leather trenchcoat, a black sleeveless bodysuit and black stretch pants), and amongst other adventures, I bought a copy of Glenn Yeffeth's "Taking the Red Pill: Science, Religion, Philosophy and 'The Matrix'"; AND the editor himself was at the dealer's table that had the book. AND... he autographed it for me!

But, it was good I waited a bit: I didn't like how the ending was turning out in the draft, so I tinkered with it and tightened it up considerably...

And I also created a little bit of "Detective Story" fanart. Nothing too fancy (especially since I made it with MS Paint, which is a junky little program), but I'm very proud of it:

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