FIC: "Stealing Christmas" -- The Matrix Online" -- PG

Title: "Stealing Christmas"
Author: Matrix Refugee
Fandom: The Matrix, Matrix Online-verse specifically
Characters/Pairings: Sieges (my player character, who is somewhat canonical since she got mentioned in one of the official storyline missions)
Disclaimer: I don't own the "Matrix" series, its characters, concepts or other indicia, which belong to the Wachowski Brothers, Paul Chadwick, Warner Brothers, Village Roadshow Pictures, Joel Silver Productions, Burlyman Entertainment, Monolith, Sony Online Entertainment, etc.
Summary/Teaser: Sieges's "idiot brother" wants to keep a Christmas tradition alive, even on the other side of the looking glass
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,954

( An ordinary morning in Sieges's construct office on board the Quinotaur... )

Written for the 12_daysofficmas challenge


hey everyone I know this is spam like but please read.
I'm starting up a matrix RPG and we're looking for players. All positions are open save for Neo. Original characters are more than welcome. I hope to see you there at Less_Than_Real
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Hola, it's your maintainer. Would anyone be interested in taking over the community? I hate to see it languish, but I just don't have the interest or time anymore. Comment if you're willing to take over, and if no one comments in the next couple of days, the comm will be deleted.
Neo, Matrix

Points of View: Some Promises Can't Be Unmade

Here's something I hope you all can enjoy: The first installment of my "Points of View" project, where I take a scene from (or alluded to in) the Matrix Trilogy (or greater conon) and tell it from the first-person perspective of a character in that scene.

Title: Some Promises Can’t Be Unmade (Points Of View, Scene I)
Fandom: The Matrix
Characters: Tank, Link, Zee
Setting: Between The Matrix and Reloaded
Synopsis: Tank’s death, from Tank’s point of view.
Rating: PG-13, Language.
Spoilers: Minor Reloaded Spoilers
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If You Love Our Fandom, Please Respond!

Okay, here's the deal.

There's a community called crack_van which reccomends fanfiction in vrious fandoms. It's highly monitored, with one person per fandom per month getting posting access and only certain fandoms having permanent Rec status, all others getting one-month stints as a "Tiny Fandom".

I am aparently the first and only person to request driving the crack van for the Matrix Trilogy, and so the Mod is going to relegate The Matrix as a tiny fandom unless I can find 8 to 10 other people (at least) willing to post Matirx Fic reccomendations at least once a week for a month per person. (They also have monthly crossover and Vid recs, too).

Why should you care?

Well for one thing, I have stared reading and writing in THREE new fandoms since I started reading crack_van regularily. Who's to say it wouldn't work for other people with The Matrix? Read enough good fic in a fandom, and the muse starts flowing.... We could have new writers and readers showing up, and that would be a Good Thing, IMHO.

For another thing, this is the chance to pimp your favorite fic (provided you didn't write it) and if enough people sign on, there's a chance your Fic will get reccomended especially if you know who to bribe. ;)

If you're willing to take a turn driving the crack_van down the rabbit hole, please say so here.

I apologize if this request violates any of the rules for this community, but I figured people would understand.

As a side note, I will still be reccomending Matrix Fic even if I don't get enough volunteers, and I'll be writing the Matrix Fandom Overview either way. (Samples of Overviews for other fandoms can be seen here.) I'll be reccomending this community as a source for fic in that overview, if that's okay.
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Hi! I just discovered this community, and I'm very excited about perpetuating my obsession for Matrix fic. Hopefully I can contribute stuff here soon, when my writer's block gets killed.

I'm Tanathir, and I'm currently writing Conversations With Smith. It's loooooooooong, and nearly completed. Yay! There's also a sequel idea in the works.

Anything else I need to share in my introductions? Feel free to ask.
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"A Little Child Shall Lead Him" New Chapter and Universe Visual Reference page

I've added the next chapter to A Little Child Shall Lead Him" -- which already has inspired me to write a paralell story from Persephone's POV -- and I thought it might be fun to share with all of you a page featuring some of the photos that inspired me while I wrote this fic. You might want to bookmark this page/add it to your LJ memories, since I'll be adding to this as I update the stories...

'A Little Child Shall Lead Him' imagesCollapse )

There'll be more to come, eventually, so keep an eye on this page...
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