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Points Of Veiw: Challenge Me!

I had this odd idea, and I hope it will serve as a chance to streatch my writing muscles, because I do almost no first person, and I'd like to.

Thus, I present Points Of View:

An odd little self-imposed contest. Name me any scene from the Matrix trilogy or the animatirx, and any character that was present/is plausible to have been present at that scene. I will write that scene from the 1st-person POV of that character, and post it here as a new chapter.

Rule #1:
The scene may be anything we see happen, or anything that we know for sure happens but is only ever alluded to. It may not be purely hypothetical, i.e. Smith's defeat at the hands of Seraph (which we know happened) but not the meeting of Smith and the Merovingean (which could have happened, but is never confirmed).
Yes, I will do the character's POV of their own death if you so ask. I may slap a limit on those if I get more than 5. And more than three from the Zion Rave scene will get you dirty looks, and possibly a limit.

Rule #2:
The character may be anyone we see on screen, or a bystander we never meet, i.e. Sentinal Unit #THX-666, or Jim the coppertop of no import, or Agent Blah, or Bob the Zion citizen of no import.
It would be appreciated, however, if you refer to extremely minor characters we do know by thier names, as listed in the Matrix Character Database, instead of say, "That Agent in The Matrix who says 'Only Human'", or "That Black chick with the laptop who dies in the power station in Reloaded".

Rule #3:
I will try to do every request I get, but I ask you limit yourselves to one request per person untill I've done everything on the waiting list. I will also only do the same chacter/scene combo once, and Bystanders all count as one character for any given scene, unless they're of diferent species.

Rule #4:
I am going to give myself an hour to write each one, from when I sit down with a particular combo to when I stop, wrap up, and spell check. Betaing will happen only if someone VERY familiar in Matrix lore and very prompt in returning things volunteers. I am going to treat this deadline with the same religious mindless adherence to that I do those on 15 minute ficlets Which is to say if the muse says "keep goin', bitch" I keep goin'.

Disclaimer: I have not seen the Animatrix in AGES, and will not own a copy untill at least December 7, so any Animatrix requests may be put on the back burner untill then.

Okay, there we go, please click here to give me your requests, thank you very much.

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