LadySmith (lady_smith) wrote in unreality_fic,

My Apologies for Spamming

Title: Twin's Story
Fandom: Matrix/CWS/Twin Souls
Characters: OCs, Smith
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: PG-13 for strong implied violence, mild language
Synopsis: Two members of the Gemini's Crew tell you their story.
Spoilers Serious Reloaded and Revolutions spoilers, and MAJOR Twin Souls spoilers. (But since I havn't written it yet, who cares? *smirks*)
Warning: The "twin" referred to in the title is NOT one of the Albino switchblade-wielding variety, though a couple of those do have a cameo. Fangirls, you have been warned. The title is in fact an Animatrix homage.

EDIT: Y'know, it JUST occured to me this would work better if I included the link to the actual fic. >_< Click on the title, and pay no attantion to the incompetant behind the curtain...
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