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Title: Interview with the Captain of the Mondube
Character: Genevieve
Rating: G thus far
Disclaimer: Based off of the idea of the Matrix by Andy and Larry. ::huggles them::

Who would have thought that a girl like me would have come to be a captain in the army of Zion. I started out a no-good thief on the outskirts of what the matrix considered New Jersey. The cops never caught me but the home did. Was picked up for skipping school or something. Since my parents were non-existent I got away with a lot. That was, until I was adopted.

They were stick-in-the-muds from the north side of town. Real computer geeks. Moms wanted me to learn the ways of the inside workings of a world I wasn't used to. Cyber land wasn't my gig and when I tried to tell Pops this, he wouldn't have it. He made me practice my keyboard and HTML for three hours everyday. As I got older, I advanced to program writing. That's how I came to learn of the matrix. I still thank them in my prayers everyday. They were killed on the train ride home right after I was "recruited."

I started small. Learning the equipment in and around Zion. But that wasn't enough. I finally got picked up on a scouting ship named Hironti. Gutter missions weren't Heaven but at least they kept me away from the clutter and hub of Zion. Eventually I became a router on one of the big ships. The captain of the Barter liked me so much that he made me his first mate. He was cute. Not much happened between us but work, much to his dismay.

They gave me my own ship when I turned 25. Kind of like a great big burden of a birthday present. I never even questioned my decision to jump till today. Today changed everything. Can't imagine why I ever left now. At least with the machines you know what to expect. One thing's for certain, I will never get back on that ship again. You can stick me in the deepest darkest hole in Zion for all I care, I will not fly again.
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