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Hello, all! I'm a newbie, and I come bearing a gift. First off, I just need to admit that yes...I am in love with ex-Agent Smith. I don't know what it is (considering Hugo Weaving is like, 20 years older than I am), but he's just so freaking irresistable. I would also just like to say that Mr. Weaving is a completely marvelous actor (what is it about the Aussies?) and he is one of my idols. I deeply admire and respect his work. He is truly talented. But the bottom line is this:

Smith rocks my socks.

Title: Defector Program

Rating: So far, it's pretty mild. I'm not sure how "bad" it's going to get, but for now about a PG should cover it.

Summary: Issues dealing with Smith's stint of malevolence and his own humanity (what? he has humanity? *GASP*). Takes place during the end of Reloaded and the beginning of Revolutions. My first Matrix fanfic (Morithil inspired me!).

Link: Defector Program

Author's Note: If you love Smith as much as I do, please read and review! Thank you!
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