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The Desert of the Real

Matrix Fanfiction

Unreality - Matrix Fanfic
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All Members , Moderated
Unreality is a community for any and all Matrix fanfiction and fic-related discussion. All pairings and genres are welcome, along with all ratings. Please note that this does mean both slash and het (along with gen), so if you don't care for one or the other, just pass it by.

Since adult fanfic is allowed and will likely be posted, all members should be over 18 or the age of consent in their area.

When posting your story, please include the title, a rating or content warning, and a summary. Put the story itself behind an lj-cut tag.

Feedback is encouraged, but flaming is most definitely not allowed. Anyone flaming or spamming will be banned. If you're in doubt about posting an advertisement to a Matrix site, list, or community, contact me about it first. Feel free to post or link to Matrix fan art or multimedia (wallpapers, skins, etc). Just please put very large images behind an lj-cut tag.

Also, until Reloaded has been out for a month, please be sure to label and lj-cut any major spoilers, just to keep those who haven't had a chance to see it yet happy. :)

Maintained by eiluned